Fresh Faces To Watch in Annapolis

The Annapolis-focused political website Maryland Matters has released an intriguing list of “Freshmen to Watch” in each chamber of the General Assembly – implicitly highlighting the demographic changes arising from a high-turnover election in 2018

Maryland Matters profiles six new senators and twelve new delegates in their composite pieces. From their website coverage of new Senators, where they choose to focus on “unconventional” players:

…other members of the incoming Senate class are likely to be more unpredictable – and provide heartburn to their party leaders. Thus, they’re more likely to bear watching.

Five of the six on our “watch” list have already spent time in the House of Delegates, meaning their political instincts, priorities and work habits are already well honed. They’re more likely to provide drama – and entertainment.

Their six to watch?
2019 6 To Watch
Mary Beth Carozza (R-Lower Shore)

Arthur Ellis (D-Charles)

Melony G. Griffith (D-Prince George’s)

Benjamin F. Kramer (D-Montgomery)

Mary Washington (D-Baltimore City)

Christopher R. West (R-Baltimore County)

Among the newest incoming Delegates, Maryland Matters spotlights a dozen new faces with intriguing backgrounds or agendas, two of whom come from county government roles in Howard County, notes new Howard County Executive Calvin Ball via Twitter:

From the Maryland Matters profiles:

Jessica Feldmark (D-Howard): It’s always an interesting transition from political aide to principal. Feldmark got a good education as a former chief of staff to Howard County executive Ken Ulman (D) and a top aide to the County Council.

Courtney Watson (D-Howard): One of the most seasoned of the freshmen, a former Howard County Council member who fell a few thousand votes short of being elected county executive in 2014. She moved on from that loss to head Hillary Clinton’s campaign in Maryland in 2016 and to lead volunteer recovery and relief efforts following the first grievous Ellicott City flood. She should put all that experience to good use.

Visit the Maryland Matters website for their extensive coverage of the 2019 Legislative Session and beyond.

Michael Sanderson

Executive Director Maryland Association of Counties