MACo “Book Club” Draws Crowd To Talk Outcome Budgeting

MACo’s “Book Club,” a group committed to reading and discussing books with connections to government and public service, held its latest installation at the January 2019 Winter Conference.

Andrew Kleine, former Baltimore City Budget Director and recently-named CAO for Montgomery County, joined the group in his role as author of City on the Line, his recent book about outcome based budgeting put to use in Baltimore City. Ted Zaleski, Carroll County’s Director of Management and Budget, started the session off with an author interview, to probe topics raised in the book. Participants – including a majority who are not themselves fiscally focused, professionally, talked through these ideas.

From the book’s website:

Parts memoir, manifesto, and manual, this book tells the story of Baltimore’s radical departure from traditional line item budgeting to a focus on outcomes like better schools, safer streets, and stronger neighborhoods—during one of the most tumultuous decades in the city’s history.

Elected officials, executives, and citizens alike will be equipped to transform budgets in their city, state, or any other mission-driven organization.

Since the inception of the Book Club idea, MACo has committed to purchasing advance copies of the selected book in advance of each conference discussion. To sign up for advance word of the offering for August 2019, or to help select the book for that session, contact MACo Outreach Coordinator Nicolette Querry.

Michael Sanderson

Executive Director Maryland Association of Counties