. . . Show Me That Discretionary Spending Slide Again

In a session on local government structure, newly elected officials hear about the relationships and responsibilities of county governments — some of which create significant budget constraints.

Shelley Heller shares an overview of county government responsibilities in a session on local government structure at the 2019 MACo Winter Conference.

Maryland’s newly elected officials heard a series of presentations intended to provide an introduction to the work of county government officials in Maryland at MACo’s Newly Elected Officials Orientation.

In a session on local government structure, officials heard about different forms of county government in Maryland (charter, code home rule, and commission) and about the relationship between counties and other entities, including the State of Maryland, municipalities, and school boards.

Shelley Heller, Kent County Administrator and Wilson Parran, Calvert County Deputy County Administrator lead the session. Heller is a former circuit rider town manager for several municipalities on the Eastern Shore. Parran has served in several positions prior to his current role, including County Commissioner, and a member of Calvert County’s Board of Education.

Certain mandates and responsibilities have a significant effect on spending flexibility for county governments, Heller and Parran shared. After outlining these mandates, a member of the audience asked the two to return to that slide – the one that questions how much discretionary funding Calvert County enjoys after all other needs and requirements are met.

Screenshot 2019-01-02 14.03.00
The many demands on county funding can leave limited ability to control expenditures, as this slide demonstrates.

MACo’s January 2019 Winter Conference goes through January 4 and is being held at the Hyatt Regency in Cambridge, Maryland.

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