Orientation Begins For New General Assembly Members

Maryland Reporter article (2018-12-05) reported that newly elected members of the Maryland General Assembly started their two day orientation Wednesday, December 5. There are 18 new Senators out of 47 and 42 new Delegates out of 141, although some had previously served as a legislator and are either moving to a new house or returning after an absence. The article described the advice General Assembly leadership gave to new members:

“Compromise is not a dirty word,” [Senate President Thomas V. Mike] Miller told the new legislators. But, standing next to [House Speaker Michael] Busch, he said the Senate was a backstop to “bills that come flying out of the House.”

While Miller and Busch may have differences on policy, they are united in their respect for the institutions they serve and the historic significance of the building in which that happens, the oldest state house in the country  in continuous legislative use.

According to the article, several senators also provided their thoughts on how the Senate differed from the House, including collegiality, debate rules, and the ability of Republican senators to act as floor leaders for minor bills. The article also noted that both houses still require a formal dress code for its members.

MACo will be part of the afternoon orientation section on December 6. New members will have the opportunity to meet with MACo staff and learn about issues important to the counties.