Davenport’s Donor Advised Program – Could it be right for you?

2019 MACo Winter Conference Sponsor (2).pngDavenport & Company has introduced the Davenport Donor Advised Program (DDAF).

What is a Donor Advised Fund you may be asking?

A Donor Advised Fund (DAF) is a charitable giving vehicle that allows donors to contribute as frequently as they like and then recommend grants to their favorite charities from their personal fund. The Fund is established through a public charity so donors can receive an immediate tax benefit on their contributions and avoid the capital gains tax on appreciated assets.

Could a DAF be right for you?

Those who wish to

  • simplify charitable giving,
  • support multiple charities,
  • and give anonymously

would be good candidates to work with a Davenport Financial Advisor to manage assets in a DAF.

Looking for more information about a DAF or managing your assets? You can meet a Davenport & Company representative at the MACo Summer Conference or grab information about their programs near the main coffee break station during the conference.

Davenport & Company is sponsoring this year’s coffee break station.

Thank you, Davenport & Company, for
sponsoring the MACo Winter Conference!

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