Franchot Cruises to Fourth Term as Comptroller

Peter Franchot (Source: Maryland Manual Online)

Peter Franchot (D) cruised to a fourth term as Comptroller of Maryland by defeating his challenger Anajali Reed Phukan (R). Franchot captured 1,488,620 votes (71.6%) to Reed Phukan’s 587,182 votes (28.2%).

Franchot is Maryland’s 33rd Comptroller and was first elected to the position in 2006. In 2014, Franchot received more votes than any other Maryland candidate for a statewide office and appears to have repeated this feat for the 2018 election. Prior to winning the office of Comptroller, Franchot was a Maryland Delegate for 20 years.

Franchot’s platform stressed that he was a “fiscal watchdog” for Maryland taxpayers both in terms of resisting costly new tax mandates and ensuring existing tax laws are followed. Franchot has also been outspoken about reforming parts of Maryland’s complex liquor laws, including easing regulations on breweries and distilleries. As part of the three-member Board of Public Works, along with Governor Larry Hogan (R) and Treasurer Nancy Kopp (D), Franchot occasionally sided with Hogan on certain fiscal and spending issues.

Reed Phukan stressed her credentials as a certified public accountant and criticized Franchot’s involvement in alcohol issues. Reed Phukan stated that her focus would be on addressing the State’s structural deficit and bringing greater accountability and transparency to the tax system.

Note: All vote totals cited in this article are from the unofficial results of the Maryland State Board of Elections (MSBE) as of 6:01 am on 2018-11-07.

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