Governor, Presiding Officers Say “No” to New Taxes

A November 5 Maryland Reporter article highlights the pledges of Governor Martin O’Malley, Senate President Mike Miller, and House Speaker Mike Busch not to raise taxes during the upcoming 2011 Session.

“People are relatively happy in Maryland,” Miller said, reflected in their overwhelming support for Democrats. But “they’re not looking for any tax increases; they’re looking for less government.”

“They don’t expect government to do as much,” Miller said.

“I don’t see any appetite for any kind of revenue increases,” said Busch. “There’s been no discussion of that whatsoever.”

O’Malley has said since April that he did not intend to raise taxes, but he refused to pledge he wouldn’t do so during the campaign.

But on Wednesday he told reporters and on Thursday he told his cabinet that next year’s budget would be trimmed with “a constant diet of cuts, cuts, cuts” rather than tax hikes.

It is unclear if the Governor and Presiding Officers were including fees and fines/penalties as part of their revenue discussion.

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