Prince George’s Council Approves Legislation for 50-Year Zoning Rewrite

A Prince George’s County Council news flash (2018-10-25) reported that the Council adopted a legislative package to rewrite the County’s zoning ordinance at its final session for Legislative Year 2018 on October 23. From the news flash:

CB-13-2013, CB-14-2018, CB-15-2018 and CB-65-2018, part of the Council’s Zoning Ordinance Rewrite legislative process were all approved. The County Council and the Prince George’s County Planning Department have been conducting a comprehensive review process since 2014 of the County’s 50-year-old zoning laws, to update the Zoning Ordinance to support to the County’s vision for smart growth, economic development and improved quality of life for residents. The next phase will involve a County-wide rezoning process before the legislation becomes effective.

Council Chair Dannielle Glaros (D) – District 3, says updating the County’s Zoning Ordinance is a complex process, and the adoption of the zoning rewrite bills represents significant move forward.

“Updating our zoning policies is one of the Council’s most important undertakings as the County’s land use authority. Enactment of these measures, moves the County several steps closer to a more concise, consistent, and user-friendly document, and better enables residents to play a larger role in shaping the future of development in Prince George’s County.”