LGIT Offers Implicit Bias Training For Local Law Enforcement Members

LGIT Leader article (2018-09 issue) reported that the Local Government Insurance Trust (LGIT) has partnered with Dr. Kris Marsh of the University of Maryland to offer a one-day course on implicit bias for local law enforcement agencies. The course was developed after the release of the final report of the President’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing in May of 2015 that highlighted the importance of implicit bias training and education for law enforcement agencies.

The LGIT course is based on a successful pilot course developed by Marsh and others for a local law enforcement agency. From the article:

The one day program created by Dr. Marsh is multi-faceted. It includes three main approaches: 1) Lectures and interactive exercises to establish understandings of prejudice and discrimination; 2) Computerized Implicit Association Tests (IATs) to help officers uncover their potential biases; and 3) Virtual reality simulations to assess behavior in real-life scenarios.

The classes are designed to teach officers:

  • The definition of implicit bias and its related concepts, and how to identify implicit bias in everyday life.
  • How implicit biases are measured, formed, and affect judgement and behavior.
  • Strategies to reduce unlawful bias and discrimination.
  • The differences between community and police perspectives related to bias, discrimination, and use of force. …

The goal of LGIT’s partnership with Dr. Marsh is to help police officers recognize biases that may affect their performance. Officers that complete the program should be able to understand how biases can and do have a negative impact on communities, especially minority and marginalized communities. This understanding should give police officers the capacity to show more empathy to the communities they police. Over time, this training should help improve police – community relationships across the state for the better.

LGIT members will receive a discounted of $50 per person and can apply for a LGIT training grant to further assist with the cost of the course. For further information on the course, including dates and registration, please contact Everett Sesker, Law Enforcement Loss Control Consultant, at EverettS@lgit.org.

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