MTA Receives Critical Findings From Independent Audit

Following the shuttering of the Baltimore Metro Subway line for emergency repairs earlier this year, the Maryland Transit Authority (MTA) sought a review by American Public Transportation of its actions.

The results were not favorable. According to The Baltimore Sun, findings included:

  • The MTA’s engineering and operations departments did not regularly discuss critical maintenance standards.
  • Employees were not all using software systems that document inspections and work orders.
  • Inspectors were using paper forms to log their observations.
  • There was a high turnover and open positions among managerial staff.

However, the article notes that MTA administrator Kevin Quinn has promised to make changes to improve the agencies operations in light of the report. These include reorganizing staff to improve communication, providing new tablets with inspection software, and procuring specialized train cars to better gauge wear on rail tracks.

For more information:

Critical review of Maryland Transit Administration finds lack of expertise, numerous other problems (The Baltimore Sun)