Hogan Hunts Down Human Traffickers and Violent Criminals Through New Initiatives

Governor Hogan has announced a package of initiatives targeting human trafficking in Maryland. The initiatives combat the issue through a variety of angles including increased funding, improved coordination and collaboration, and harsher punishments.

As announced in a press release:

“As governor, I am committed to ensuring that not only are the violent perpetrators brought to justice, but that we also provide the resources necessary to help survivors recover and rebuild their lives,” said Governor Hogan. “One of our most important responsibilities is to protect Maryland citizens, and human trafficking strikes at the very fiber of our Maryland communities, our families, and our children.”

The comprehensive package of anti-human trafficking initiatives includes:

  • An executive order creating a statewide Anti-Human Trafficking Director
  • $500,000 grant to the University of Maryland to help create a Maryland Crime Research and Innovation Center
  • $5 million to provide direct services to human trafficking victims
  • Plans to reintroduce the Felony Human Trafficking Act which will classify human trafficking as a felony

Additionally, the Governor announced more than $4 million in funding for the Maryland Criminal Intelligence Network (MCIN) which will grant 13 counties to target gangs and violent criminal networks. Through MCIN, GOCCP will also be piloting a project with the U.S. Attorney’s Office, the Baltimore Police Department, the Prince George’s County Police Department, and the Maryland Coordination and Analysis Center to improve real-time collaboration and information sharing between state agencies and their efforts to combat human trafficking.

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