Brochin Requests Recount in Baltimore County Democratic Primary

Courtesy of the Maryland State Archives

State Senator Jim Brochin has formally requested a full manual recount in the Democratic primary for Baltimore County Executive — a race he lost by just nine votes to former Delegate Johnny Olszewski. The recount will be conducted by the Baltimore County Board of Elections with support from the Maryland State Board of Elections.

Maryland law does not require automatic recounts, but because Olszewski’s margin of victory is razor-thin — less than 0.1 percent, Senator Brochin is not required to foot the bill. Instead, the Baltimore County Board of Elections will be responsible for covering the costs.

According to Md. Election Law Code Ann. § 12-107(b)(2), a petitioner is responsible for the cost of a recount with the following exceptions:

(i) the outcome of the election is changed;

(ii) the petitioner has gained a number of votes, for the petitioner’s candidacy or for or against the question that is the subject of the petition, equal to 2% or more of the total votes cast for the office or on the question, in all precincts being recounted; or

(iii) 1. the margin of difference in the number of votes received by an apparent winner and the losing candidate with the highest number of votes for an office is 0.1% or less of the total votes cast for those candidates;

2. in the case of a question, the margin of difference between the number of votes cast for and the number cast against the question is 0.1% or less.

The recount is expected to begin on Thursday, July 12.

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