Property Tax Relief Available To Flood Victims

Last week’s significant rainfall and flooding may have long-term, adverse effects on Maryland residents and their properties – and that may translate to lower county revenues. If property damage results in lower property assessments, counties’ property tax base could potentially take a hit.sand-bags-3157445_1920

Of course, counties appreciate and agree that assessments should be based upon the actual value of properties. That is why they are partners with the State Department of Assessments and Taxation (SDAT), which has created a process to allow residents to contact them for reassessments if their real property has suffered damage from the severe weather. Residents can fill out the Department’s form, available here, and email it to their local SDAT assessment office – which they can find here.

SDAT announces:

SDAT offices have recently been in contact with county governments and other local organizations to offer any assistance and coordination necessary. In the coming weeks, SDAT’s assessors will begin visiting areas impacted by the severe weather, particularly in Washington and Frederick Counties, to locate and identify damaged property. When a decrease in value is confirmed by an assessor—either from an exterior inspection or from a resident submitting the attached application—the new real property assessment will be sent to the County Finance Office and a new tax bill may be issued. If a property owner has already paid their tax bill, a prorated abatement will be issued. If the extent of damage is not clear from an exterior inspection, the attached application will be delivered to the property owner for them to complete and send back. …

SDAT will continue to be in contact with state and local governments to ensure that residents who may qualify for a reduced assessment are aware of this application.