MACo To Governor: Please Sign Highway User Restoration

This session proved a pivotal year for highway user revenue restoration.

Both the House and Senate agreed early on to provide local governments their first multi-year commitment in nearly a decade to bring back some of the local transportation funding that was decimated by about 90 percent in 2010. By passing SB 516/HB 807, the General Assembly has assured that most counties will see an increase in their total transportation funding by more than 40 percent, all the way through fiscal 2024 – assuming Governor Hogan allows the bill to become law.

To that end, MACo sent Governor Hogan a letter thanking him for his efforts to provide additional transportation funding to local governments, and requesting that he sign the bill into law. From that letter:

This bill – a top initiative of MACo’s – codifies an important step toward restoration of highway user revenues to Maryland’s counties, municipalities, and Baltimore City, for five years beginning in fiscal 2020. SB 516/HB 807 begins to address counties’ long-standing top fiscal priority. It provides reliable formula funding for multiple years, allowing counties to program their capital projects accordingly. ….

The cumulative loss of local roadway investment since fiscal 2010 is well over $3 billion.

Again, Maryland’s counties are deeply grateful for your efforts in providing additional transportation funding for local governments. Please take this one last step before the conclusion of your first term, and sign into law Senate Bill 516/House Bill 807, Transportation – Highway User Revenues – Distribution.

Investing in local roads was a key initiative of MACo’s this session.

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