Baltimore Sun’s Winners & Losers of the 2018 Session

The Baltimore Sun editorial board opines their winners and losers of the 2018 Session in a photo gallery.

Winners included:

  1. Governor Larry Hogan
  2. Bipartisanship
  3. Senator Richard Madaleno
  4. Delegate Meagan Simonaire
  5. Delegate Cheryl Glenn
  6. #MeToo

Losers included:

  1. Comptroller Peter Franchot
  2. Senator Bryan Simonaire
  3. Clean energy
  4. The NRA
  5. The residents of the 41st District
  6. Baltimore City Mayor Catherine Pugh

Two of the Sun’s quotes on Hogan and Madaleno:

Gov. Larry Hogan avoided damaging fights with the legislature and can credibly claim a record of accomplishment this year on health care, economic development, gun control and more as he heads into his re-election bid. …

Richard Madaleno is only sitting member of the legislature running for governor, and this was his opportunity to make a mark. He did, getting fifteen bills for which he was the primary sponsor through the legislature — including pro-union measures, and expansion of the Earned Income Tax Credit, gun control and more. All that on top of his usual role as one of the legislature’s most influential voices on the budget.