2018 School Funding Per Student County-by-County

Among the information contained in the Overview of Maryland Local Governments: Finance and Demographic Information is a chart of per-student funding in each Maryland county.

NOTE: An updated version of this chart (for Fiscal 2019) is available. Click here.

The funding shows a range of funding for public education throughout Maryland on a per pupil basis. The funding comes primarily from county governments and the State, with limited funding from the federal government and other sources.

Screenshot 2018-02-20 19.23.41

The Department of Legislative Services also provides collected data of local funding for public schools. Exhibit 7.5 shows the total enrollment, appropriation and per-pupil funding amounts from the 23 counties and Baltimore City for K-12 education.

In addition to the operating funding for public education provided in the chart below, county governments also provide significant capital funding for K-12 school construction projects, and provide ongoing fiscal support to community colleges and public libraries. For these reasons, and others, rankings of this type fail to take into account to full picture of a county’s contribution to the education and success of Maryland’s students.

Screenshot 2018-08-06 11.12.34

For more information, see the Overview of Maryland Local Governments: Finance and Demographic Information.

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