New Fund Aids County Violence Prevention Efforts

MACo Executive Director Michael Sanderson delivered testimony in support of House Bill 432, “Public Safety – Maryland Violence Intervention and Prevention Program Fund – Establishment”, before the House Appropriations Committee on February 6, 2018.

The establishment of this fund and advisory council will significantly aid local governments, county health officers, and their partners, in their violence prevention efforts. This bill creates a $5 million fund to support evidence-based, public health-centered attempts to develop community-based anti-violence strategies.

From MACo Testimony:

The dedicated, structured, and collective effort the bill provides is key to finding solutions to the violence that is unfortunately plaguing some county neighborhoods. Inadequate funding hinders local governments’ efforts. Funding awarded through this program covers a minimum of three consecutive years and allows local government grantees to make valuable headway without fear of having to end a program prematurely due to inadequate funding or support.

Additionally, the scientific research and data required to obtain funding through this program will help provide insight into the root causes of violence in a community and guidance on how the problem can be tackled. Independent third-party evaluation of the programs that receive funding helps ensure that resources are not squandered, programs are kept accountable, and goals are met.”

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