Hogan Proposes Suit Against Drug Manufacturers, Jail into Treatment Center

As part of the continued effort to tackle the opioid crisis the Hogan Administration has announced a new package of initiatives.

As reported by The Baltimore Sun the package included possibly turning the former Baltimore City jail into a treatment center:

The administration said it would order a feasibility study on repurposing the Civil War-era jail, which Hogan closed in 2015 because of its decrepit condition. The study would be conducted by a consultant chosen by three state agencies.

The feasibility study will help determine, among other things, the level of security needed for this type of therapeutic facility and recommended programming for mental health, substance abuse and medical treatment, Chasse said.

Additionally, The Washington Post reports the governor would also like for the Attorney General to pursue litigation against drug manufacturers. However the characterization and funding for that directive was challenged by the AG:

The governor’s announcement directed Attorney General Brian E. Frosh (D) to consider lawsuits against opioid companies, without naming any, and to direct any settlement proceeds generated by those suits to addiction prevention and treatment programs.

But Frosh said his office is already involved in a 41-state investigation into opioid companies and doesn’t need the governor’s permission to sue them.

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