Sick Leave Law Cheat Sheet

With the General Assembly’s override of Governor Hogan’s veto of the Maryland Healthy Working Families Act of 2017, the legislation has become law.

While county governments generally provide generous benefits, at a much higher rate than the legislation would require, MACo opposed the legislation, raising concerns about the bill’s potential effects on provision of emergency and essential services and with the bill’s broad requirements for providing leave to part-time, seasonal, and contractual employees in the same manner as full-time employees.

MACo has received several requests from county governments regarding the law’s provisions. At the same time, county governments are receiving questions about the law from members of the business community.

By law, the Commissioner of Labor and Industry will carry out this provision. The Governor’s Executive Order of January 15 created the Office of Small Business Regulatory Assistance will assist with implementation of the Act.

In the meantime, for general information about the law’s provisions, see this HB 1 – Summary.

For more information, contact Kevin Kinnally at MACo.

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