Talbot, Washington Join List of Counties Accepting Tax Prepayments

Talbot and Washington counties have joined the list of counties which passed emergency legislation days before the end of the year to enable acceptance of property tax prepayments.

The Talbot County Council introduced and adopted Bill Number 1382 on Thursday, which authorizes the Finance Office to accept the prepayments and refund overpayments to taxpayers.

The Washington County Commissioners adopted the ability to prepay property taxes on Friday morning, but did not approve refunds.

Other counties which have changed their policies the week before the end of the year to accept prepayments include Montgomery, Somerset, and Wicomico.

The Prince George’s County Council had announced that it would consider taking action on Thursday, but cancelled their meeting after IRS guidance released Wednesday suggested that any prepayments made in Maryland would not be deductible in the 2017 tax year.