Transportation Association of Maryland awards St. Mary’s County for transportation efforts

John Duklewski, TAM Executive Director, presents the award to Transportation Manager Jacqueline Fournier and STS staff. Courtesy of St. Mary’s County Public Information Office

St. Mary’s Transit System (STS) has earned the 2017 Community Engagement Award presented by the Transportation Association of Maryland (TAM).

The nomination, provided by Tri-Couny Council of Southern Maryland’s Nicky Pires, commended the county for “going above and beyond being a transit agency.”

Pires said in St. Mary’s County Press Release:

Each year in May, as a community event during National Transportation Week, STS demonstrates passenger appreciation by offering discount days for veterans, $1 a day rides and distributing STS promotional items.

Additional efforts made by STS this year:

  • Dump the Pump event
  • Stuff the Bus event
  • Donation of over 2,000 lbs dry good items, baby diapers, baby products
  • Connections with Charles and Calvert County transit systems
  • Implementation of Wheelchair securement training for the human service non-profits