The 2018 County Government Salary Survey Is Here

The Maryland Association of Counties survey includes 126 county government positions, including elected, appointed, and management staff. 

Every year, Maryland Association of County Human Resources Officers provides information on salaries, benefits, and pensions of county government employees to MACo. The data shared forms the basis for the annual salary survey.

This year, a working group of Human Resources Directors from Carroll, Talbot, Queen Anne’s, Cecil counties have been reviewing the survey, suggesting updates and changes for future years.

In the future, some changes may include:

  • updates to titles to reflect the most commonly used position names and updates to position descriptions to more closely identify comparatives across counties
  • including “time-in-position” to strengthen the ability to make appropriate comparisons
  • removing positions that are only included by some counties and adding certain positions, especially in county parks and recreation category
  • making the survey format more user-friendly for comparisons across counties in the same region, or of the same demographics

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact Robin Eilenberg at MACo.

Find links below to each portion of the 2018 survey.

The Maryland Association of Human Resources Officers will be meeting to discuss the salary survey, and other topics at the MACo Winter Conference in Cambridge.

Learn more about MACo’s 2017 Winter Conference: