Make Your Special Event Successful at #MACoCon

Go for the gold! Learn how to navigate the many local and state regulatory requirements so that you can bring a popular (and profitable) special event to your county at the 2017 MACo Winter Conference.

Let’s Get This Party Started…Wait. I Need a Permit For What?!


Special events – whether cultural festivals, sports competitions, or celebratory gatherings – can bring economic and quality of life benefits to counties and their residents. However, behind every event there is a host of safety, health, and environmental concerns that must be addressed before an event can be successfully held. While some safety requirements are strictly dictated by law or regulation, other requirements allow regulators some flexibility in working with event holders. Panelists will discuss the basic requirements for holding special events and provide examples of the “give and take” process that sometimes occurs between regulators and event holders to allow an event to occur while still ensuring proper protections are in place.


  • Robert Mitchell, Jr., Director, Department of Environmental Programs, Worcester County
  • Laura Wetherald, Bureau Chief of Recreation and Administrative Services, Howard County
  • Colleen Joseph, Chief of Marketing, Events and Facilities, Anne Arundel County

Date & Time: Thursday, December 7, 2017, 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm

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