Uber Commute Now Available in Prince George’s, Montgomery

Uber plans to expand its carpooling service to Prince George’s and Montgomery counties.

Uber Commute gives riders discounts for rides shared with other users. Reports The Washington Post

Uber Commute — not be confused with ride-splitting option UberPOOL — allows would-be carpoolers to hitch a discounted ride with nearby drivers headed in the same direction. Drivers commuting into the city, meanwhile, can earn a few extra bucks by picking up a passenger along the way — enough to cover the cost of commuting or parking, Uber says.

Photo courtesy www.uber.com

Uber Commute rides are pre-scheduled through the Uber app, and designed for longer trips. Uber will not allow riders to use Commute within downtown Washington, D.C. or Arlington County, Virginia. The service is already available in those areas, as well as Alexandria, Fairfax, Loudoun, and Prince William counties, Virginia.