Department of Agriculture Touts New Ag-Tourism Sign Program

The Maryland Department of Agriculture (MDA) sent letters on July 5 to 23 counties highlighting a new Maryland Ag-Tourism Signing Program.  Participation in the Program is optional but counties that agree to participate must install certain directional signage which will be provided by participating farms.  From the letter:

The [Program] will allow the Maryland State Highway Administration (SHA) to post directional signs to an approved ag-tourism site on the nearest state route, but only after the county has agreed to participate in the program. …

The SHA will manage the program with [MDA]; however, for it to succeed, counties must first agree to participate.  Signs installed along state roads must be followed by the installation of “trailblazer” signs along the county roads.  The SHA is not permitted to install signs along state highways until the county trailblazers are in place.

The qualifying farms will pay for these signs.  Each qualifying farm must work with the county to obtain signs along county roads before requesting signs along state roads.

Currently the Program is in pilot form in Charles County and will expand into Frederick and Harford Counties this summer and then to all counties by the end of the year.  MDA is finalizing the guidelines to determine whether a farm qualifies for the Program.

For more information about the Program, please contact Stone Slade at 410.841.5779 or