City Council Considers Reviving ‘Dollar House’ Program

To help revitalize distressed neighborhoods, Baltimore City Council Member Mary Pat Clarke has introduced a resolution to bring back the City’s “Dollar House” program.

The program last operated in the 1980s. Through it the City would sell houses for $1 and provide access to low interest loans to help finance the homes’ rehabilitation. The homeowners would be required to live in the house for a set amount of time. According to The Baltimore Sun:

“As Baltimore looks to solve the seemingly intractable problem of revitalizing neighborhoods beset by vacant homes, it would do well to look to solutions that have succeeded here in the past,” Clarke’s resolution states. “The City’s highly successful ‘Dollar House’ program from the 1980’s could serve as a useful model for true grassroots neighborhood revitalization in the modern era.”

The City Council will hold a hearing Wednesday on the resolution.

Read The Baltimore Sun to learn more.