Unused Hotel Toiletries Donated to Community Assistance Network #MACoCon

CAN Donation
Gail, Megan Goffney, Ethan Hunt, Nicolette Querry, Nick Blendy

Unused hotel toiletries, collected from MACo’s 2017 Summer Conference, were donated Friday, Sept. 22 to the Westside Men’s Emergency Shelter in Baltimore County, a shelter program that is part of the Community Assistance Network.

Present were Ethan Hunt and Nick Blendy, Baltimore County staff representing Kevin Kamenetz, former MACo board president. Additionally present were, CAN Director of Homeless & Housing Services Megan Goffney, Gail, and MACo Outreach Coordinator Nicolette Querry.

In 2003, CAN’s homeless shelters partnered with Baltimore County to extend the vision of freezing weather shelters into an overnight emergency shelter program with the intent to eventually operate them year-round. This included both the Eastside Family Emergency Shelter, a 125 bed facility, located in Rosedale, and the Westside Men’s Emergency Shelter, a 154 bed facility, located in Catonsville. 

-CAN Website