Ehrlich’s Intercounty Connector

Govs. Bob Ehrlich and Larry Hogan. Photo courtesy the Governor’s Office.

Yesterday, Governor Larry Hogan announced the dedication of the Intercounty Connector (ICC) to former Governor Bob Ehrlich.

In his press release, the Governor states:

Over the decades, plans for the ICC started – and stalled – countless times, but it wasn’t until Governor Ehrlich made it a top priority that the Intercounty Connector Project was finally revived. The ICC was the very first all-electronic toll road in Maryland, and it is one of the most significant transportation projects in state history.

Governor Ehrlich thanks the Governor:

I would like to sincerely thank Governor Hogan for this wonderful dedication. Many Marylanders thought the ICC would never be built. It was certainly a difficult task, against all odds. But it got done through the hard work of professionals who contributed to the planning, financing, and construction of this magnificent road.

The Baltimore Sun reports:

Hogan said the ICC was Ehrlich’s “signature achievement” for Maryland. He credited him with persuading then-President George W. Bush to have the federal government help pay for it and for persuading Democrats to build it. …

Ehrlich said he was humbled by the dedication, and it was strange to receive such an honor while still alive.

“It’s kind of weird,” he said, looking at the sign. “But it’s an honor.”

The ICC is Maryland’s first all-electronic toll road, with varying tolls depending on traffic conditions and time of day.