My Top 5 Picks for #MACoCon After 5 Years at MACo

This year I am celebrating my five year anniversary as a member of the Maryland Association of Counties staff. This year’s MACo Conference (#MACoCon) will be my sixth, and I have never been more excited about a MACo Conference.

MACo’s Research Director shares her picks from this year’s MACo Conference.

Here are my Top Five Picks from the MACo Conference Schedule:

  1. Wednesday’s Virtual Reality Panel

One of the reasons that I like going to conferences myself is to learn about new areas. The speakers in this panel were tapped by the Maryland Tech Council – MACo’s partner in the Tech Expo this year and they are true innovators. This session is an opportunity to meet people who make a living turning ideas into reality. I think you will come away surprised at how much sci-fi they have actualized into on-the-street solutions.

2. Wednesday’s Biotech Panel

On the Biotech panel at the Tech Expo, MACo and the MD Tech Council are bringing you the best-of-the best. Biotech is a big economic driver for Maryland, and something every Marylander should know a bit about. Meet the leaders who have made Maryland a biotech titan, and hear how you, as a local elected official, can support statewide growth of this high-earning industry.

3. Thursday’s Taste of Maryland

This new tradition is one of my favorite events at the conference (I confess I am a bit of a foodie). Sample treats from every county, and hear some tunes from a home-grown fiddle and guitar duo (Calvert county’s finest). Just don’t make this your only trip to the county- booth hall. There are many things to learn in these exhibits (and stop by the MACo Booth while you’re at it!).

4. Friday’s Pitch Competition

It’s on this Friday morning when entrepreneurs from 5 industry sectors battle for bragging rights as the best bet for Maryland’s economy — and a feature slot at the next MACo Conference. I have never been more impressed or inspired by what is happening right here in our state than while planning this session. These will not be off-the-cuff presentations by small start-ups; these are seasoned entrepreneurs who have already seen major success, and brought big dollars and many jobs to Maryland. Competitive by nature, they are taking this event seriously and despite the background I have I truly cannot predict who you — the audience, or our expert judges are going to select for top honors.

4. Saturday’s Education Session

2018 promises to be a big year for education in Maryland politics. We will see the wrap-up of the Knott Commission on school construction and the Kirwan Commission on education adequacy — two major statewide task forces that will make recommendations to the General Assembly for the coming Session. While there are many viewpoints in education policy, there is one perspective that many share — we have to make sure that we are preparing today’s students for tomorrow’s workforce. One of the hot topics in this area is career and tech training in high schools, an area that has grown significantly in past years and is poised for another renovation. Hear more in this session.

I look forward to seeing you in Ocean City this week!