9 Counties Could See a Decrease in State’s School Construction Funding Share in 2019

The Interagency Committee on School Construction has recommended revised state cost share percentages to the Board of Public Works.

As described in the IAC meeting agenda, the state contributions on a percentage basis to four local education agencies (LEAs, or school boards), will increase, while the state contribution to nine others will decrease.

The Percentage of four (4) LEAs will increase, 11 LEAs and the Maryland School for the Blind Percentage’s will remain unchanged, and the Percentage of nine (9) LEAs is decreased. By regulation a decrease in Percentage cannot exceed 5% in any fiscal year. Therefore, for Baltimore City the decrease will occur over two (2) fiscal years.


The state’s school construction funding share only applies to eligible costs in school construction, so architectural and engineering fees, furnishings and other costs remain the whole responsibility of local governments, in addition to the percentage of project costs not covered by the State’s share.

The Board of Public Works will vote on the revised state share recommendation at its August 16 meeting.

From the agenda:

Screenshot 2017-08-11 12.23.53.png