Mayor Pugh: Hogan Will Invest Millions to Curb Violence in Baltimore City

Baltimore City Mayor, Catherine Pugh on Thursday said that Governor Larry Hogan plans to allocate millions of dollars to help curb violence in Baltimore City. Governor Hogan plans to spend $9 million to fund new police department positions, advanced technology, and programs for at-risk youth.

According to The Baltimore Sun,

Amelia Chasse, a spokeswoman for Hogan, said that the “administration is committed to working with the city on additional state support, which is a process that is still ongoing and has not yet been finalized.”

“The governor, the mayor, and Baltimore City officials have had ongoing, productive conversations — including a meeting among top state and city law enforcement officials this past Monday — that have resulted in immediate state investment in targeted programs, including $2 million in funding for technology in patrol cars and 16 state parole and probation officers to assist Baltimore City Police,” Chasse said.

Mayor Pugh is committed to reducing crime in the City. The Mayor has written a crime plan, but it has not yet been released to the public.

According to Mayor Pugh, the city must develop a multi-pronged approach, which will include de-escalation tactics and the implementation of crime fighting programs that are practical, efficient, and affordable.

Governor Hogan and Mayor Pugh met last month, discussing a wide-range of topics, including curbing violence in the City. Both Hogan and Pugh said the talks were informative, frank, and productive.

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