Fun Fact: Did You Know that the Largest Single Dormitory in the World is at the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis?

Question: Did you know that the largest single dormitory in the world is at the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis?

It’s true! Bancroft Hall at the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland, is the largest single dormitory in the world. Bancroft Hall, named after former U.S. Secretary of the Navy, and famous historian/author George Bancroft, is home for the entire brigade of 4,000+ midshipmen, and contains some 1,700 rooms, 4.8 miles of corridors, and 33 acres of floor space. All the basic facilities that midshipmen need for daily living are found in the hall.

In addition to the midshipmen rooms, Bancroft Hall houses offices for the Commandant of Midshipmen, six battalion officers, six battalion chaplains, thirty company officers and their senior enlisted leaders, a barbershop, bank, travel office, a small restaurant known as “Steerage,” textbook store, general store (“The Midshipmen Store”), laundromat, uniform store, cobbler shop, the USNA Band, the USNA branch of the United States Postal Service, a gymnasium, spaces for extracurricular activities, and full medical & dental clinics as well as small optometry and orthopedics clinics.

anne-arundelSource: Wikipedia

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