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A Maryland Planning Blog article (2017-03-22) described a free mapping tool created by the Maryland Department of Planning (MDP) called FINDER Online. The application allows users to analyze, map, and print a variety of data for all of Maryland’s 2.2 million parcel records. The article states FINDER Online’s toolset is easy to access but robust enough to benefit both ordinary citizens and local planning departments. From the article:

FINDER Online users can access and overlay data including parcels, recent property sales, and aerial imagery with established geographies such as Generalized Zoning, Priority Funding Areas, Census Boundaries, Land Use/Land Cover, and Floodplains. You can display other map layers with the Layer List function….FINDER Online contains links to the Department of Assessments and Taxation records, which are constantly updated. …

The user can select items from a specified map layer that meet a desired criterion using the select tool….Finally, and perhaps best of all, FINDER Online can quickly print an exportable pdf version of any user created map at the extent shown on the screen. The pdf can include a user created map title, a scale bar, a legend, and a creation date.

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