Treasurer & Comptroller Share Updates with MACo’s Legislative Committee

Comptroller Franchot speaks with MACo’s Legislative Committee

Comptroller Peter Franchot and Treasurer Nancy Kopp joined MACo’s Legislative Committee for its last meeting of the General Assembly Session in Annapolis on Wednesday, March 29.

The Comptroller shared an update on the Taxpayer Protection Act of 2017 and spoke about the need for enforcement capabilities to fight income tax fraud. As described by the Office of the Comptroller,

The proposed legislation will strengthen the ability of the Office of the Comptroller to prevent tax fraud, protect taxpayer information, and hold fraudulent filers and tax preparers accountable.

Treasurer Kopp thanks members of MACo’s Legislative Committee for their work

The Treasurer spoke about efforts to anticipate the impact of changes coming down from Washington, and extended any support that her office might provide in determining the effect of federal policy or fiscal changes. She also touted the merits of Maryland’s College Savings Plans.

For more information about the work of MACo’s Legislative Committee and the 2017 Session, see updates on Conduit Street.