OP-ED: Cities and Counties Embrace a Local Path Forward for 5G, Reject Preemption

In an op-ed piece in  The Daily Record’s Annapolis Summit 2020 MACo and MML highlight how cities and counties across the state are providing a path forward for 5G small cells on a local level and why statewide preemption bills are not needed:

Maryland’s cities and counties are 5G ready! Nearly 50 jurisdictions in Maryland have already enacted local ordinances or regulations governing small cells, and dozens more are pending. In fact, thousands of small cells are currently deployed across Maryland and have been deployed successfully under mutually agreeable terms between the jurisdiction and industry without the need for state preemption on local authority

Despite widespread deployment and local regulation, the wireless industry is back at it again, continuing to push a narrative that a statewide bill preempting local governments is needed. The reality of the matter is the wireless industry only seeks preemptive legislation to take away the locals’ right to have a say in how small cells are deployed in their communities.

For more information:

5G Technology Moving Ahead Thanks to Local Involvement (The Daily Record Annapolis Summit 2020)