Hogan Proposes Supplemental Budget: Funds Included For Police, Colleges

Today Governor Hogan will provide more details about his first supplemental budget of the session, to be released later today. It reportedly includes additional funding for police, colleges and economic development. Two million will go to the Baltimore Police Department to support compliance with its consent decree with the U.S. Department of Justice. Ten million will go toward addressing opioid addiction – the first installment of his plan, announced about a month ago, to spend $50 million on the crisis. He intends to spread the $50 million over five years. The supplemental budget also includes extra money for higher education and economic development.

Disappointing some, it includes nothing for the Baltimore City School System. From The Baltimore Sun

“There are funds available in the budget for other priorities,” Hogan spokesman Doug Mayer said Thursday.

Nevertheless, the head of the House of Delegates budget committee expressed surprise and disappointment that the new spending plan didn’t address the city’s plight or the budget woes in nine counties where student enrollment — and therefore state funding — also has declined in the past year.

“We’re talking about the quality of education we can be and should be committed to in 10 districts,” said Del. Maggie McIntosh, the Baltimore Democrat who heads the Appropriations Committee.

Supplemental budgets, which address spending needs that might not have been apparent at the time of the state budget’s release in January, are also a tool used by governors in their annual tug-of-war with lawmakers over budget priorities. By either including or withholding funds, a chief executive can bargain for funding priorities that the legislature may not share.

McIntosh said she made concessions to the administration on several issues and thought the funds would be coming.