State Creates Enterprise Zone in Queen Anne’s

The Maryland Department of Commerce has designated a new Enterprise Zone in Queen Anne’s County.

Maryland’s Enterprise Zone Tax Credit Program is a joint effort between the State and local government to provide tax incentives to businesses and property owners located in economically distressed communities.

The new Enterprize Zone encompasses a 1,300-acre area in the Route 50 and Route 301 corridor. It covers most commercial properties in places such as Stevensville, Chester, and Grasonville, according to the state.

According to James J. Moran, Queen Anne’s County Commissioner At Large,

The County Commissioners recognize the Enterprise Zone Program is an important incentive for the County to access and encourage existing businesses to expand, to encourage redevelopment of under-utilized commercial properties, and to attract new businesses to locate within the new zone.

Visit the Maryland Department of Commerce for more information on the Enterprise Zone Tax Credit Program.