Bay Restoration Local Leadership Forum Sparks Good Discussion at #MACoCon

At the Chesapeake Bay Program Outreach: Engaging Local Leaders on the Chesapeake Bay Agreement panel at the 2016 MACo Winter Conference on December 8, county officials had the chance to offer their direct input to Bay Program representatives on how to improve local leadership on watershed restoration goals. The purpose of the session was to help the Bay Program get a better understanding of local needs and concerns.

Attendees worked through a set of 11 prepared questions that covered the: (1) importance of environmental restoration and protection; (2) information needed to take action in your jurisdiction; (3) best sources and methods of delivery of information; and (4) additional information and educational programs needed.

County feedback included the importance of direct and ongoing communication with the counties, linking restoration efforts to local water quality in areas not directly adjacent to the Bay, peer to peer learning opportunities, field trip opportunities showing both problems and solutions, and avoiding “one size fits all” approaches.