Fun Fact: Did You Know that Heart-Shaped Dorchester County is the Largest County in Maryland?

Question: Did you know that heart-shaped Dorchester County is the largest county in Maryland?

It’s true! Dorchester County is the largest county in Maryland — when its water area is included; otherwise it’s the fourth largest. The shape of Dorchester actually resembles a heart and it is located at the mid-point of the Chesapeake therefore it is often referred to as “Heart of the Chesapeake.” It consists of 688 square miles with over 122,000 acres of wetlands—40 percent of the entire state’s wetlands. These wetlands are scenic and an integral part of the food chain for the Chesapeake Bay. The wetlands and adjoining upland areas contain both protected federal and state reserves for the nature enthusiast, as well as hunting areas for the sportsman. Deer, Canada geese, black ducks, mallards, and diving ducks are favorites among hunters.

dorchesterSource: Visit Dorchester’s website

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