Charter School Advocate Selected for US Education Secretary Post

The President-elect announces former Michigan Republican Party chairwoman as his pick for the cabinet position.

President-elect Trump has selected Betsy DeVos as his choice for Secretary of Education. Image Courtesy of Wikipedia.

As reported by Fox News, President-elect Donald Trump has chosen Betsy DeVos as his pick for US Education Secretary. The appointment requires Senate confirmation. As described,

DeVos heads the advocacy group American Federation for Children. She’s known for supporting charter schools and vouchers.

Before Trump’s announcement, some conservatives were complaining about DeVos’ ties to the political establishment. They also warned that she previously supported Common Core standards that Trump railed against during the campaign.

For more information, see the full story from Fox News.

The choice of DeVos may reflect a potential openness of the new Administration to the Common Core standards. At the same time, according to The New York Times, the federal government may have little role in the Common Core at this point.

From The New York Times,

COMMON CORE In an interview with Fox News in October last year, Mr. Trump said: “I may cut Department of Education. I believe Common Core is a very bad thing.” The statement, though, may have reflected a bit of a misunderstanding. Common Core standards, an initiative to standardize educational requirements throughout the nation, were adopted by states. Under a recently enacted law, the federal government is prohibited from telling states what educational standards to adopt. So the Department of Education has no authority over Common Core anyway.

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In Maryland, Governor Hogan appointed state board members who supported the Common Core even following some criticism of the standards. For more information, see: Opinion Piece Predicts Maryland Governor Will Continue Common Core.