Caroline Renovates Dayspring Community Park, Pushes “Litter Bugs Me” Campaign

Caroline County Commissioners Larry Porter (L) & Wilbur Levengood (R) at ribbon cutting of newly renovated Dayspring Community Park

The Caroline County Recreation & Recreation Department recently announced the renovation and rededication of Dayspring Community Park in Ridgely. County Commissioners Larry Porter and Wilbur Levengood joined young residents in a ribbon cutting ceremony. The Park was upgraded with a new playground, picnic structure, natural plays areas, and a walking path. The $59,000 for the renovations was provided by a combination of Maryland of Natural Resources Program Open Space funding, an Interfaith Housing donation, and Caroline County general operating funds.

As part of the dedication ceremony, the County also continued with its “Litter Bugs Me” campaign to recruit local residents as playground support staff to help keep the park clean. Weekly volunteers were given a “Litter Bugs Me” shirt to thank them for their efforts.

“Litter Bugs Me” Campaign Volunteers


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