State Board Appointee Brings Population Research Background

Rose Li, Hogan’s Board of Education appointment, brings a varied background in business and academic research. Photo courtesy of

As reported in the Washington Post, the Governor’s appointed to fill a vacancy on the State Board of Education has a varied background including a doctorate from Princeton in demographics.

As described in the Post,

Li is president of Rose Li and Associates Inc., which provides project management support. . . Li, who received her doctorate from Princeton University, has completed research in population studies and demographics and bilingualism. She also served on Hogan’s transition team.

The changing demographics of Maryland’s public school system are influencing current discussions regarding education funding. For more information, see the draft adequacy study report charts on aid recommendations for limited English proficiency and special needs student funding.

For more information on the Board seat, see the full story from the PostHogan appoints new member to State Board of Education.

For background on Rose Li, see Rose Li and Associates and this coverage of Li’s previous Maryland House of Delegates campaign from The Bethesda Patch.