Multiple Baltimore City Seats Decided & Questions Answered with Tuesday’s Election

Early voting in Maryland has ended, but not before making history. The turnout is the highest ever in state history. In addition to the presidential race, Maryland voters are casting ballots in a U.S. Senate race between Democrat Chris Van Hollen, Republican Kathy Szeliga and Green Party candidate Margaret Flowers.

Running in Baltimore’s mayoral election are Democrat Catherine E. Pugh, Republican Alan Walden and Green Party candidate Joshua Harris. Former Mayor Sheila Dixon, a Democrat, is waging a write-in campaign.

Aside from the mayoral, comptroller and City Council races, Baltimore voters will also see 10 important questions on the ballot when they vote Tuesday. Read about all the city ballot questions in this article from the Baltimore City Paper.

Click here to view the Baltimore City Voter Guide, courtesy of the Baltimore Sun.

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