State Board of Education Member Resigns Over School Year Flap

As reported by the Washington Post and several other news outlets, a State Board of Education member has resigned following the Governor’s school start date executive order.

S. James Gates Jr. is a theoretical physicist, known for work on superstring theory. He is a professor in the physics department at the University of Maryland and was Vice President of the Maryland State Board of Education.

Gates submitted his letter of resignation to Hogan during a state board meeting Tuesday.

In the letter, Gates cites the Governor’s revised school start date executive order and his concerns about its potential negative effects on at-risk and ambitious students. Later, he writes,

“When I accepted to serve, it was my understanding the laws of Maryland were very clear about the independence and the authority of the State Board of Education with regard to policy in this domain. I agreed to serve under those conditions.”

For more information, read the full story from the Post.