Howard County Searches for New Sheriff

Howard County Executive Allan Kittleman says several people have applied to be the next county sheriff, and there will be a new sheriff in place next month.

James Fitzgerald resigned last week after the county Office of Human Rights substantiated claims that he created a hostile work environment and retaliated against deputies who didn’t support his re-election. Lt. Don Knott is serving as interim sheriff.

As reported on WBALtv,

“I think we’re on our way to the healing process to begin and I’m confident that the sheriff’s department is going to be back as one of the more respected departments in our county,” Kittleman said.

A search is underway for a new sheriff while Lt. Don Knott takes charge in the interim.

“He is really happy to be able to have an opportunity to be able to help this healing process start, and I know he’ll do a tremendous job during this interim period, and we’re just very fortunate he’s willing to take that on until the new sheriff comes,” Kittleman said.

Kittleman said the process to find a new sheriff will be open and transparent.

“You want to have somebody that has some experience managing people, and also I think somebody that has trust, someone the community knows who they already trust and that they can be confident that this person will be able to help the department heal as well as our community,” Kittleman said.

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