Stakeholders Debate Local Preemption, Other Energy Facility Issues

MACo has been participating in a series of  “Maryland Land and Energy Caucus” meetings that seek to address a variety of issues related to renewable energy and the siting of energy generation facilities. Besides MACo, Caucus participants include representatives from county governments, the solar and wind industries, and the environmental, agriculture, open space, and land and historical preservation communities.

As previously reported on Conduit Street, MACo seeks to address local zoning and land use preemption by “dispersed” energy generation facilities that can be placed on agricultural lands or open space as one of its 2017 Legislative Initiatives.

Issues discussed by the Caucus include local government preemption. industry needs and siting requirements, cultural requirements, agricultural concerns, and potential incentives for renewable development on brownfields and other targeted areas.

The Caucus has previously met on on October 7 and 12. The next meeting of the Caucus will be November 1. For further information, please contact Les Knapp at 410.269.0043 or

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