Webcast: The Powerful Tool of Analytics

Governing Magazine’s upcoming webcast shares the benefits of data analytics for government performance.

In the webcast, “Harnessing Analytics as a Powerful Tool for the Public Good,” on Thursday, October 13th, Governing will detail the benefits of data analytics to an agency’s operations, and solutions for public finance.

From Governing:

Government agencies collect an amazing array of data to serve citizens and businesses. Once collected on paper, the data is stored on servers by government agencies and partners and, increasingly, on cloud-based systems. Public sector data analysts report significant time collecting the data, but few resources are spent analyzing the data for better decision-making. Cutting-edge analytics are now available to put the data to work. This provides government employees with the ability to improve outcomes and efficiency by providing officials better tools with which to make decisions.

Featured speakers:

  • Bryan A. Strickland, Director, Compliance and Fraud Investigations, NC Industrial Commission
  • Shaun Barry, Global Leader for Government, Healthcare, and Utilities, SAS
  • Jack McGowan, Senior Fellow, Governing

I’d like to encourage you to register for this educational webcast where we will detail the benefits of data analytics throughout your agency’s operations, and solutions for public finance. You’ll learn best practices and the potential transformative opportunities that enhanced data analytics will bring to your agency, including:

  • Protecting vulnerable populations and providing life-saving services across a spectrum of agencies
  • Identifying patterns and inconsistencies that flag risk and opportunity
  • Reduce fraud and waste saving taxpayer dollars and protecting privacy
  • Allowing data-sharing across departments and agencies
  • Providing timely and accurate service improving responsiveness and public trust
  • Reviewing programs in a data-informed iterative process to refine and make more customer-friendly
  • Making a difference in the lives of citizens

Register at no cost here.