“In a Crab Shell” Offers Updates from Maryland Community Colleges

crabshellThe Maryland Association of Community Colleges introduces…IN A CRAB SHELL

With nearly half the undergraduate population of Maryland enrolled at 16 colleges, on 23 campuses and 1000+ locations, it can be challenging to capture and share all that’s happening at Maryland’s community colleges, as described by the Association.

However, starting this month, the Maryland Association of Community Colleges (MACC) is going to try.

They are launching a new email-based update service to keep readers informed. As described by MACC,

Similar to the more well-known phrase, in a nutshell — In A Crab Shell will provide a concise, bi-monthly discussion of issues important to higher education and the State of Maryland.

To sign up for In a Crab Shell, contact the Maryland Association of Community Colleges.