Kansas Education Funding Case Arises as Maryland Begins Its Own Review

The State of Kansas defends itself in a case based on the Constitutional adequacy of its education funding as Maryland begins a review of its own education funding adequacy.

As reported by the Wichita Eagle,

Kansas could be required to spend $1 billion more in school funding if the Kansas Supreme Court rules in favor of the districts suing the state.

A court order of that magnitude would require some combination of tax increases and cuts in other state services.

The court will hear arguments Wednesday on whether school funding is adequate as required by the Kansas Constitution. A ruling is expected later.

For more information, see School finance case poses potential fiscal crisis for Kansas,
from the Wichita Eagle.
The State of Maryland is about to begin a review of its education funding adequacy with Commission on Innovation and Excellence in Education. The first meeting of the Commission will be held on September 29, 2016 in Annapolis.
The last review of education funding in Maryland led to the Bridge to Excellence in Public Schools Act of 2002, a plan intended to increase statewide education funding by $1.1 billion over five years.
For more information and background on the new Commission, see Commission to Start Review of State Education Funding on Conduit Street.