Compare Maryland School Districts’ Internet Costs, Services, Providers

Education SuperHighway has collected data on US school districts internet spending and collated it to allow for comparison of service and costs between districts.

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Education SuperHighway’s report includes cost and bandwidth analysis of internet service in Maryland schools.

EducationSuperHighway is a non-profit focused on upgrading the Internet access in every public school classroom in America so that students may take advantage of digital learning. The organization is working with the National Governor’s Association and promoting cost-saving solutions, including use of federal grant programs, to improve internet access in schools.

The Compare and Connect Report from Education SuperHighway includes information from each of Maryland’s 24 school districts. In several districts, the State, the County, or network Maryland are listed among internet service providers. Education SuperHighway recently met with MACo staff about additional opportunities for school districts to partner with counties on internet services.

For most of the districts, Education SuperHighway has collected:

  • Internet Access $/megabits per second
  • Internet Access Total Bandwidth
  • Internet Access Per Student
  • Services providers
  • Monthly costs
  • Total cost per student

To see this data, register for free at Education SuperHighway.